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Articles and published books

Martin Lóp ez, T .: “Study on injuries caused by repetitive movements in musicians from Castilla y León. Risk factors and treatment through osteopathy, massage therapy and cryotherapy. Doctoral Thesis (Valladolid 2009).


Martin López, T .: "Lateral epicondylitis treated with natural therapies".  Natural Magazine, nº 27 (2009), pp. 34-37.


Martín López , T;  Palaces  JI;  Farias Martinez, J .:  Is it necessary to educate in health in music conservatories?  Eufonía, nº 55 (April June 2012), pp. 95-102.


Martin Lopez T , Farias Martinez J .: "Strategies to promote health and prevent musculoskeletal injuries in students of the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Salamanca, Spain".  Medical Problems of Performins Artist.  2013; 28 (2) pp. 100-106.


Martin López, T .:  "How to play without pain, your body your first instrument. Exercises for the prevention and treatment of injuries in musicians". Ed Piles (Valencia 2015).


Martín López, T .: "We ask for the floor: 100 cultural professionals tell their experience". Board of Music Authors (Madrid 2017).

Martin  López, T .: "National Congress on professional diseases of musicians".  Chapter No. 9. Edited Chair Asturias Prevention-AMPOS. pp-83-90. (Oviedo-2019)





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