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Wind instruments testimonials


David Hidalgo Chica Student of saxophone at the Conservatory of Úbeda-Jaén.

" Hello, my name is Daniel and I play the alto saxophone. I am 15 years old and I live in Villacarrillo, province of Jaén. I am going to start 1st year of Baccalaureate and 3rd year of EEPP specializing in saxophone music.

My forearm problems started a long time ago, but I remember that at the end of last year and the beginning of this one (2020) I had to stop playing several times during my classes at the Úbeda conservatory because the pain was almost unbearable.


After confinement, the discomfort increased until I reached a point where it was impossible for me to play for more than 10 minutes at a time, write by hand, type on the computer and I could not exercise, which is one of my main hobbies. So much so that my parents had to write me class assignments on many occasions.


Obviously, we got down to work to try to find a solution, but we were in the worst moments of confinement, so until June we could not do anything. So we visited several health professionals who requested different tests: neurophysiologist (electromyogram); traumatologist (resonance and analytical); physical therapists (ultrasound). None of these tests revealed any problems, which is fine but the pain was still there. So, searching the web, we found Tomás, we bought the book and we thought he was the ideal person to try to solve my problem since the professionals I visited until then did not get any improvement and they were wasting us time and money.


We contacted Tomás at the beginning of June and he told us that he was still not working due to confinement and, finally, on June 29 we made the first appointment and I started the treatment that I just finished on September 14, 2020 after 7 double sessions 2 hours long. It has been a hard few months, the trips were exhausting and since my injury was serious, to recover, Tomás has had to use himself thoroughly and, at times, I have had a really bad time. However, it has been worth it since I have returned to playing and lead a normal life, something that not long ago seemed almost impossible. Another fundamental aspect of the treatment has been the postural modifications that Tomás has indicated to me after watching me play, the importance of warming up and stretching, as well as the acquisition of the ergonomically designed Vandoren FNH 100 harness.


Regarding the fear of relapses, I will always keep in mind one of the most repeated phrases of Tomás: "to an enemy who flees, silver bridge", that is, to facilitate the flight or withdrawal of the one who bothers or offends us (in my case, the pain of the old injury). Speaking of phrases, and if you allow me, Tomas, mention the “famous” words that you used repeatedly to answer the arsenal of questions I asked you about my injury: it began with: “let's see, this is very simple…” and it used to end with : “… There is no more your aunt”.


Now seriously, we are very grateful to Tomás for curing me and for being a rigorous professional, with scientific arguments, who knew at all times what he was doing, patient with all the questions that worried us, very pleasant in dealing with and open, a person with which you can talk about anything.

Tomás, we will never forget what you have done for us and although I hope I will never see you again for obvious reasons, I hope that you will continue to help other musicians to solve their problems.

A hug and thank you very much".


Marina de la Iglesia Oliva student  of saxophone at the Professional Conservatory of Salamanca

On a Wednesday in January, after a long day of study (alto saxophone, soprano saxophone and piano) I came home with pain in the neck, back and trapezius area, I had previously had them, but not  they were constant. This time the next morning he couldn't move his neck and the pain excruciating. I went to the doctor and he prescribed anti-inflammatories and relaxants that alleviated the pain, but it was impossible to play the sax.

I did not go to the conservatory for a month, I could not do auditions (I am  in 6th year of professional ...) I had to prepare for tests in the superior and not only that, I could not even hold a glass, be with the computer or write on a sheet of paper. I started to play but relapsed into pain.  Even with increased  medication and lowering of illusion for not being able to touch a  time without pain and not advancing in my programming. For which one day I came to saxophone class under the effects of painkillers, it was then that my teacher Raúl told me that I could not continue like this and informed me of the existence of Tomás.

From the first session I came out desperate because he told me everything that was wrong in the area of my back, neck and the damage that the harness I was using was doing to me; It was the first change that I had to make and there were also habits that I had to modify in my life as a musician.

I cannot deny that the sessions have been painful and I have cried from the pain, but as he warned me, the pain was decreasing more and more. The assurance he conveyed to me and his advice made me trust him and the reward is that in four weeks I am fully recovered, going from playing one hour (with long stops) to playing four hours without any discomfort and auditioning for about 30 minutes. In addition, with their way of speaking, with their advice, correcting postures and breathing, they have made me face my future with a strength and enthusiasm different from what I had until now.

I will always be grateful Tomás.

Rocío Sánchez Gallego saxophone student at Musikene

"An injury to a musician is much more than a physical discomfort. It also implies an emotional injury that is not always taken into account, and at that moment of vulnerability is when we need the greatest confidence, effectiveness and efficiency from the professional who is going to treat us. That is why it has been a pleasure to have been treated by Dr. Tomás Martín, because his experience as a musician and his knowledge applied to instrumental practice are the ideal combination to heal, and not only relieve pain. Thanks to him I have become aware of that all musicians have two instruments, and the first that we have to know, take care of and exercise is our own body. I encourage you all, whether you have had discomfort or not, to read his book and put into practice whatever interests you, and For those of you who feel pain, do not wait for these to disappear without effective treatment or doing the same as you have done so far; visit, without hesitation and as soon as possible, a professional who with Learn about the functioning of our body in first-hand instrumental practice as is Dr. Martín. "

Cristina Villaroya Sanahuja  bassoon student  in the higher conservatory of Castilla y León

Hello, my name is Cristina and I am a bassoonist and economist in the city of Salamanca. During the past 2015 I suffered an overload of stress that led me to practice the instrument little and in very bad conditions, so that I found myself in the situation that  I was not making progress in my learning. Although I am aware of the overload to which my body has been subjected throughout my life, at 22 years of age, suddenly, my left arm was unable to endure more than 15 minutes without starting to shake, so it ended up being practically impossible to control bassoon technique. I was so overwhelmed that without knowing what to do or what was happening to me, I had to request discharge, because it was even impossible to breathe well in the face of such helplessness.  I tried treating myself with several orthopedists, but they all told me the same thing: de Quervain's tendonitis. The treatments were not bearing fruit and the frustration was increasing.

I thought resting would work for me, and I went a total of three and a half months without blowing a note. I hardly noticed any improvement in the last half month. Playing again, it was a mere week that passed before the pain reappeared. So I decided to try to treat myself with Doctor Tomás Martín. While I was thinking, I have Quervain tendinitis, the resulting diagnosis was, in addition to the latter, a golfer's arm and  tennis elbow. Basically the entire forearm was diseased, from the elbow to the musculature of the palm of the hand, inside and outside.  The treatment was stipulated in four double sessions. However, the improvement was even faster, so that the treatment ended in three double sessions. In addition, I myself have been able to see how as the sessions progressed I have been playing and studying for a greater number of hours, my arm now being able to support it. While I feel a great release as I heal, one  One of the great benefits that I get after the treatment is the awareness of the physical and psychological effort  what it means to be a musician, as well as the pathologies and diseases that can derive from instrumental malpractice (not heating up, not stretching, bad posture, poor diet, lack of sleep ...). In this way, it is now when I begin to feel really serious and professional in my work as a musician, because as I have already said, before I had a feeling that something was not going well, and that therefore I was not making progress. That is why I recommend the treatment, even if it is simply in view of a good awareness of, as I well say, being a musician "is no small feat." Thank you.

Jennifer López Soto oboe student at the Salamanca Conservatory

My name is Jennifer. I am 20 years old, I am in the 4th EEPP of oboe at the Salamanca Conservatory. In March of last year I began to have  discomfort in the right forearm which I ignored because I thought they would be stiff since I had increased the hours of study.  Little by little, the discomfort persisted and it was already pain, my hand fell asleep, I lost a lot  strength and my fingers became very clumsy ... The thing was getting worse and my right arm seemed to be of little use ... this made me start to use the left one more and therefore it ended a little more or less ... It was no longer just to take the oboe was a real torture, is that I did not have the strength to comb my hair, I could hardly write ... In addition to everything that supposes on an emotional level to see you handicapped in that way.  I started going twice a week to a physiotherapist, then I changed and tried many others, I also went to two osteopaths, to the rheumatologist ... They all offered me a short-term solution.

I finished the course that way  and I rested throughout the summer with the corresponding physio sessions and things seemed to be much better but when September arrived and I took out my oboe again, my arms were still the same.  Desperately searching the internet for a solution, I found Tomás. The first day I went to his consultation he told me "You have a complete", it was hard to realize how bad I was but at the same time I knew that there, finally, was my solution. He explained to me in detail the problem he had and the treatment that we were going to follow to solve it.  Tomás started treating me on October 19 and at the end of November he was playing, the improvement was very fast. I was able to audition and do a Christmas concert as normal.  Now after 4 months I am fully recovered. I can study normally and play without any pain. How wonderful !! In addition, thanks to Tomás, I have greatly improved my posture when playing, I have learned to warm up, to stretch, to be more efficient ... All so that this does not happen again.  For all those who are going through something similar tell you that this is a great lesson  to realize, as Thomas says, that our body is our first instrument. For this reason, I recommend that when in doubt about having some type of injury, go to him without hesitation and if it can be much better from the beginning.  Thanks a million Tomás !!!

Carlos Ferrer Peralta- flute student at the Superior Conservatory  from Aragon 

 "At the end of February 2015 one day I woke up with pain in my right forearm. The previous weeks I had had a lot of activity inside and outside the conservatory and even so I continued studying for many hours. I had to stop immediately because the pain was worse. I went to the GP because they did not treat me in the emergency department and they gave me an appointment for a month and a half later. In the meantime I went to a physiotherapist who was of no use to me. The doctor diagnosed me with epicondylitis and epitrocleitis and sent me to the physiotherapist at the center of health. A month later I was still the same. I looked for another physio and it didn't help me at all. I spent until June wandering between physios without improvement and without being able to play. And not only that, when I only used one arm in my daily life, the pains in the left. In June I went to an osteopath and it went quite well for me, I was able to start playing but after two months I relapsed again. A bassoonist friend had a similar problem and he recommended Tomás to me. Rarely did I go to his office, he gave me a lot of assurance. Not only because he explained to me all the problems he had in his forearms but also because we prepared a rehabilitation plan with the instrument that he had to do in parallel with the treatment. 

The improvement was very fast and in two months I was practically cured and playing what I wanted. Also now I am more aware of what I do well and badly playing and above all I am much more efficient due to everything I have learned. I am very grateful to him and I want to put this on record. There are very few professionals like him who know what they do so well and it is a relief for musicians that there is a person with his experience and knowledge. "

Rosa Vidal Romero- Clarinet student  at the Superior Conservatory  of Castile and León 

“I have been suffering from daily neck and back pain for several years, already treating it as" something that was going to be forever. " Sometime later, when I began to dedicate many hours to the clarinet, my forearms began to bother me, but I didn't listen much to my body either, since I thought that with a little rest it would pass. Over time, I saw that the pains did not go away and that they increased, so I began to go to several osteopaths and physiotherapists but "the fix" they made me was very short-term. So after taking the ergonomics course with Tomás and listening to the advice of other colleagues I had attended, I decided to go to his consultation.  The problem is that I was going on Erasmus and we had to go  against the clock, but we did intensive sessions and he adapted everything he could to be able to see me as many times as possible. To this day I hardly feel any discomfort; the cervical improvement has been radical. 

In addition, we worked the facial muscles since he also felt overload, and he has returned to his shape very quickly. I imagine that when I return from my year outside of Spain I will have to return to "finish" certain parts that we did not have time to work on, such as the left forearm and part of the right that is not quite 100%, but I am certain that that I will be able to attend this year without thinking that perhaps physically I will not be able to finish it, and thus fully focus on the clarinet ”.

Luis Soto Amil Flute-Piccolo Royal Philharmonic of Galicia. Santiago de Compostela.

“I came to Tomás's clinic, after more than years pilgrimage through Galicia, in search of a solution to a shoulder problem that prevented me from playing the flute. I had visited a dozen specialists: Traumatologists, physiotherapists, acupuncturists, osteopaths ... At the moment I start the sessions with Tomás, a traumatologist from A Coruña, Dr. Arriaza, manages ("in thirty seconds") to diagnose my problem. Thoracic outlet syndrome. The next step would be to undergo surgery. I totally refused and trusted Tomás. Thanks to his knowledge and perseverance, Tomás manages to solve my problem at its roots in eight sessions. Tomás not only knows the diseases of musicians, but he empathizes with them until he eliminates them. If anyone wants to know more about my illness, they can contact me at the following address:  Once again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!!! "

María José Montes Sanz- Clarinet student  at the Superior Conservatory of Asturias

"My name is María José and I study the 6th year of Professional Clarinet Teaching. Four months ago I started the treatment with Doctor Martín. Yesterday I finished the treatment a week ago, and I can say that I feel fine, since I can play without the presence of pain and hold longer playing. The discomfort began about a year and a half ago, when the number of hours of study began to increase. After consulting various specialists, none of them found the problem or the origin. I had pain On the back, the right arm (the elbow), and the little finger of the right hand was blocked. contacting him I went to a first diagnostic consultation. In this consultation the doctor told me that I had what he colloquially called “a complete.” Therefore, I decided to start the treatment. o.As the treatment progressed, I was aware of the improvement; It was not only the treatment itself that helped, but also his advice on body positioning. Once several aspects of my position have been corrected, as well as the incorporation of series of warm-ups and stretches to my study sessions, I will be able to improve not only my injury, but also avoid problems in the future. Although the treatment was tough, Tomás transmits a lot of confidence, which helps a lot in the recovery. I realized some aspects that until now I had neglected, such as: warming up, stretching, doing physical exercise, as well as eating and other habits. I am very happy to have finished the treatment and now I will be able to study without pain, which is what more important. I recommend that other musicians pay attention to aspects that we usually ignore and any instrumentalist who has any discomfort or injury, go to the consultation of Doctor Martín, since his extensive knowledge in osteopathy, together with his profession as a musician and teacher, makes his treatments are very comprehensive and personalized. " 

Isabel López Béjar  Clarinet-Toledo

"Hello! A few months ago I started the treatment with Tomás. When I got to his consultation, the thumb of my right hand hurt a lot from holding the clarinet, pain that rose to the forearm and was accompanied by punctures that prevented me from playing the clarinet for long periods of time. To this was added cervical and back pain that often prevented me from leading a normal life. As time passed and I continued the treatment with Tomás, I noticed how the pain gradually disappeared and how I could return lead a normal life and be able to play the clarinet without being afraid that my finger, hand, neck would hurt ... Not only did he manage to get rid of the pain, but he also taught me to correct my posture when playing and in the day to day in which many times we adopt bad postures and habits that seriously harm our health without realizing it. And most importantly, it made me realize that in order to dedicate ourselves to what one likes (which in my case is s music) it is essential to take care of yourself and lead a life as healthy as possible with a good diet, physical exercise and healthy habits. From here I take the opportunity to thank him for his professionalism and his kindness, and to encourage any musician to contact him if they have a problem. "

 Roberto Sánchez Barreiro Clarinet-Galicia

"My name is Roberto Sánchez, I am a clarinet player and I went to Dr. Martín's office for back problems. I would like to thank you for all the time you have treated me and above all, how you have done it. Thanks to your teachings and treatment I recovered a Body health that I should never have lost and automatically my relationship with the instrument improved. I no longer suffered every time I played. Right now I am studying a master's degree in symphony orchestra at the Swedish National Orchestra Academy in the city of Gothenburg. I just wanted to tell you that you are responsible party for me being here: making music and enjoying it in equal measure. "

Angelo Montanaro Freelance clarinet soloist (Italy)

"Sometimes, in certain periods of life, one must believe in something. I believe in the destiny that brought me here to Valladolid to meet Tomás. For 2 years due to a lipoma in the sternum, I began to change my posture without realizing all the mistakes I was making. I could neither hold the clarinet, nor breathe well and felt a lot of pain throughout my upper body. For me music and playing the clarinet turned into suffering. After several Physiotherapists and osteopaths, who without spoil had stolen a lot of money from me, Tomás was the only one who gave me the certainty that I was going to get out of this problematic situation.His knowledge and his faculties have healed and improved me.

Certainly, there is a bit of pain under Tomas's hands (testimonies are the many swear words in Italian that he has learned from me), but with his sympathy and humor, the treatment passes more quickly. In the following months I have changed and thanks to his advice, I am now able to control my posture, resolve my muscle tension and do sports again. Thanks Tomas! "

Margarita Martínez Muñiz-Clarinet

"Two years ago, I received classes from Professor Dr. Tomás Martín. He demonstrated a deep knowledge about musculoskeletal injuries in professional musicians and students. He gives me great confidence, not only because of his great experience in this matter but also because he is professional musician. After his classes I did not hesitate to present my case to him. I had two years with pain in the right forearm as well as in the thumb, he confirmed that I had Dequervain's tendonitis, epicondylitis and epitrocleitis in both arms among other less serious injuries. I went to his consultation and after the first session I already noticed a great improvement, after another four sessions, the recovery was complete and the pain completely stopped. I am very grateful, not only for the result, but also because after two years of aches and pains (intense, since I couldn't play for more than ten minutes at a time), it gave me back the hope of continuing to study and do what I like the most ". edit me. It is very simple.

Salvador Alberola Bassoon Soloist of the Symphony Orchestra of Castilla y León

"For quite some time I had had very strong pains in the trapezius, when I played the bassoon; this pain was much more intense in concerts, and some of them ended with hardly being able to move my left arm. I mentioned the problem to Tomás, already that we are co-workers in the same orchestra and we started a treatment that after three sessions was successful. This injury was a chronic contracture due to the posture I adopt to play the bassoon; this posture, slightly bent my back forward, caused the shoulders to be constantly in tension giving rise to contractures (really very painful). Tomás eliminated the contractures and gave me some postural advice, which together with the recommendation to do sports regularly have made the pain almost non-existent, and when They appear again due to some oversight of mine. I have no problem controlling them. Thank you very much for your help, Tomás, and continue this work. it will help many musicians - and not musicians - to work and live better. "

Laura Tárrega Help as Clarinet Soloist and Requinto Soloist of the Symphony Orchestra of Castilla y León

“I often suffer from low back pain because I spend a lot of time sitting for my work in the orchestra. After trying different treatments without much success, Tomás came who, in addition to teaching me to have a correct playing position, solved my lumbar problem in a single session ”.

Mónica Pinilla Fano Clarinet student at the Conservatory of Castilla y León

"For about a year my forearm and left hand hurt, it bothered me a little when I played, but even more when I did things as simple as opening the door of my house. One day, when the pain barely let me do anything, I decided to get in touch with Tomás Martín, whom I had met in an injury prevention course that he had taught at the Zamora Conservatory of Music last year and which I had attended. Dequervain, epicondylitis and epitrocleitis and had damaged tendons of the biceps and triceps, as well as the trapezius due to poor positioning when playing my instrument (clarinet). The pain was only manifested in the left arm, but when I got to the consultation, I discovered that my right arm also had the same thing, due to years and years of practice with the instrument and the repetition of movements without having done any warm-up prior to the study. sessions, my pains have subsided. I no longer play without warming up or stretching, and I am progressing little by little in my postural change of the back, whether I am playing or sitting in class. Thanks for everything, really."

Silvia Quevedo Sanchez. Bassoonist (Cartagena)

"Doing two superiors at the same time, being too demanding, having a lot of stress, never taking a break, ... is not a good combination. I am a bassoonist and a bassoon pedagogue, but I also dedicate a lot of hours to the piano. I began to have discomfort in one I ignored my body. I kept playing and playing ... and in a few weeks the pain would rise up my forearm ... but I kept playing many hours a day, I had concerts, exams, auditions, how do I think about stopping? ... Until one day the pain was so intense that I couldn't even sleep. I tried to play and couldn't even 10 minutes. Scared I went to a sports doctor, who told me I had several injuries  of tendinitis in both elbows and forearms, due to overload by instrumental practice.  I started physical therapy, and after a month, I didn't improve at all. He had terrible both arms, back and neck. Then began an endless number of doctors, physiotherapists, traumatologists, specialists in sports medicine, including acupuncture, MRIs, X-rays, three cortisone injections, antidepressant medication, since I saw that the months passed and it was getting worse ... doctors in Cartagena, Murcia , Alicante and Madrid, and I was getting worse and worse. After 10 months, I was fatal, untouched, depressed, and very scared. Not only could I not touch, but I did not even have the strength to wash my hair, much less to dry it later, I could not cook, I could not start a washing machine, I could not even write to the computer ... it was not just not to touch !! .  One day by chance I found information about Dr. Tomás Martín through a social network. I read precisely the testimonies of his patients, and without thinking, I contacted him. After a few months of a lot of pain and heavy sessions, it must be said, I finally found myself playing my bassoon! And with a very different and relaxed body position when playing, together with doing warm-up exercises, as well as stretching, always. I have lost an academic year, but I have gained it in health. "I can never really thank Dr. Tomás Martín for everything he has done for me. Thank you, thank you, and thank you very much.

Andrea del Río. Trombonist (Madrid)

“A year ago I began to have a lot of pain in my lower back every time I played and they became unbearable to the point that I had to stop playing for a month and a half, which was when I contacted other physiotherapists who more or less worked on my back to finish the course. At the beginning of my last Higher course, I had a lot of pain again and after  Spending several months looking for a good Osteopath to solve my problem, I found Tomás. Already in the first consultation I noticed an impressive change, which was improving every week. I went from being able to play only 10 minutes a day to 3 o'clock in less than a month and today I have done my final recital of my degree and I am still able to play at full capacity. In addition to treating my back, he taught me postural hygiene, thanks to which I am avoiding re-injury "

José Emilio Casado Clarinetist  (Valladolid)

"I want to record my gratitude to Dr. Tomás Martín for his professionalism and good treatment. With a mobility problem in his right shoulder, this has been corrected. I believe that the treatment has been the right one."

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