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Percussion instruments testimonials

Adrián Higuera. Percussionist-Santander

"More than two years have passed since I finished my higher studies of Percussion, since that date I have suffered pain in my right arm and consequently lack of sensitivity in the fingers of my hand. During this time an interminable path by various specialists, traumatologists; Countless sessions of rehabilitation, physical therapists, anti-inflammatories, painkillers, and worst of all, months of forced stop without touching. All in vain because the pains improved and returned. This last year the same symptoms begin to appear in the left arm, as well as pain in wrists and thumbs.

After much research I found Tomás, after several sessions in his office, the problem has disappeared. In addition to treating all my problems, he has taught me habits to do before, during and after playing.

Thank you for everything, it was worth knowing you, as well as as an osteopath, as a musician and as a person ".

Santy Villar Martín- percussion student at the Professional Conservatory of Segovia

You never think that it can touch you, but if you are not aware of how important the body is for us musicians and you do not treat it accordingly, it ends up happening to you. At first it was a little pain in the thumb that I did not care about. Later these were accentuated, they were transferred to the entire arm and elbow and not only appeared in the study sessions, but in any activity of daily life.  At this point I went to a few sessions with a physiotherapist in my city that only managed to alleviate the pain for a few days.  After several weeks without being able to play (which frustrates any musician), I decided to speak with Tomás on the recommendation of my teacher.  I told him about my problem, I got hold of his book and by exerting some pressure on three points of the arm in just a few seconds I already had a diagnosis. Thanks to his simple explanations and those in the book, in a very close way I was clear about what was happening to me, why, what was the solution and what I had to do so that it did not happen again.  About five sessions later and despite suffering a little in each of them and having to travel to Valladolid, I am recovered and very happy and grateful. It has certainly been worth it. Thanks Tomás.

Jaime Miguel Goikoetxea. Percussionist-Pamplona

"After doing the tests to enter superior percussion I began to have pain in the entire left arm and also the left part of the percussion.  back. This has prevented me  barely touching in the years I've been in senior, I got to the point of taking sleeping pills from the pain.  I have been in many physios, they have made me tests,  resonances etc ... This year through a percussionist friend I decided to go to Tomas's office and after several sessions the pain has diminished and at least in everyday life it does not affect me, and also  I have started playing again without my arm limiting me. "

Pablo Nadal Rocamora drums (Madrid) 

"After the necessary introductions, I knew that the question that I hated answering so much had to come ... tell me about your" way of the cross "(as you like to call it) ... although it was curious ... After the number of therapists I have gone through, Nobody had formulated it to me in such a comprehensive way ... I noticed that he was aware of how much these things cost ... and it is that ... he had been visiting various specialists for a whole year to treat me. What each one had diagnosed me in a way different: tendinosis of the flexor anterior ulnar tendon, tendonitis of the wrist in general, only stress, and a long etc. Out of names, it was not until I got to Tomás that I realized that names do not matter, what really matters is the functioning of our body ... the harmony with which everything works, and what I have learned thanks to it.  I am already playing normally again and I can resume my studies after a year without being able to do well and four sessions with him, I noticed the results very quickly reaching the conclusion that what had happened is that no one had diagnosed me well what I had.  Tomás has been confident, but he has also managed to bear the skepticism with which I asked him the questions that were constantly arising and explained everything in a simple but safe way, and that is important on a mental level since these injuries end up being more Mental rather than physical burden, and not only has it cured me, but it has mentalized me through the understanding of several basic concepts, the way my body works and what to do, so that this has seemed like a nightmare. does not happen again.  I discovered him online one night desperately looking for something to help me with my wrist, at first I was not sure because I had to drive a couple of hours, but today I am glad I did it since I have learned a lesson that will last a lifetime! Thanks Tomás! "

Cristian Murgui Battery (Salamanca)

"Everything was going well, until one day of the beginning of the tour, in the second pass I let myself be carried away a little by the emotion and without being conscious, I forced my physical limitations until my body said enough, I began to notice cramps and punctures in the Left forearm During all this time it was a rather bumpy tour, with bandages, anti-inflammatories, ointments that did not solve my problem, to the point that picking up any object with weight made my forearm tremble.  Until I learned the reasons why my muscles and tendons were injured. Knowing and dealing with Tomás, made me recognize the limitations that musicians have, and with his treatment I went back to playing without problems. From here, I would like to thank Tomás, since he opened my eyes to these problems ”.

Alfredo Díaz Rojas Percussion teacher at the Professional Conservatory of Soria


"I was very happy one good day, when Dr. Joaquín Farias informed me that there was an Osteopath in Castilla y León of great prestige and I decided to come to his aid. This Osteopath was Dr. Tomás Martín. Due to my muscular ailment and After observing how my left hand felt more and more incapacitated when performing repetitive exercises, I was treated by Tomás for epicondylitis and tendonitis in my left arm and hand. All this due to an overload of repetitive exercises, and not warming up or stretching, before nor after starting the exercise of studying the instrument, which in this case is Percussion. After going through your consultation and in a few sessions, my problem decreased little by little, until it practically disappeared. Right now and thanks to your help, my The ailment is scarcely non-existent, since, prior to any study session or concert, I do the stretching and muscle warm-up exercises that he advised me ". Thanks for everything...

Adolfo Llorente Frias percussionist-Segovia

"Due to my profession as a percussionist, I spend many hours a day performing various movements with my arms. Due to a bad warm-up and poor preparation of the muscles, as well as a large amount of time playing without pausing, epicondylitis lesions appeared and epitrocleitis, both injuries to the elbow. This made me lose agility and flexibility in the wrist and arm, as well as the appearance of pain when performing the movements. Thanks to the treatment with Dr. Tomás Martín, these pain progressively disappeared and my joints The arms gained in strength, speed and agility, since not only did he treat me as an osteopath, but he also taught me the correct way to warm up my muscles and control my study times and forms so as not to suffer injuries again ".

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