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Key instruments testimonials

José Ángel Gómez García,  Piano student at the Elda Conservatory (Alicante)
"I wanted to summarize in a few lines my experience during the recovery of my problem both at the muscular and nervous level. As a result of a very hard year of study, with many hours of rehearsal without being aware of the importance of warming up, playing relaxed, breathing During performance and stretching after rehearsal, my arms ended up very fatigued last summer and with poor tissue recovery, causing an ulnar nerve entrapment in both arms. After much suffering and anguish from having gone through countless sessions of physiotherapy in many clinics near my town and very superficial diagnoses and little specialized in the injuries of musicians, I was very lucky to meet Dr. Tomás in a piano forum. Reading the opinions of his patients encouraged me to ask him for help and go to his office to be treated by him. And after long months of uncertainty and stress to see my future as a pianist and the health of my e my tendons, in 5 sessions with the doctor he solved my problem completely. As the sessions go by, one is able to feel how the arms are recovering and relaxing. Not only has it healed my tendons and muscles, but I have also learned to play relaxed (with the relief it brings to shoulders, back and hips) and to prevent these types of injuries in the future. I have no words to thank Dr. Tomás for everything he has done for me. If you are reading these opinions and you find yourself in the same situation as us, do not hesitate for a second to ask the doctor for help and go through his hands ".
Marina Carro Álvarez, piano student at the Superior Conservatory of Coruña

"I am almost 20 years old and I am going to start 2nd grade piano. Since I started playing the instrument I had never had any muscle problems until this summer, shortly before finishing the course, when my right hand started to hurt. To be unhappy when I went to the doctor and that he did not give it much importance, I decided to seek a second opinion, and so I found Tomás, who managed to detect my problem quickly and solve it in just three two-hour sessions. Fortunately, all this coincided in summer and before my arm got worse, and it was not necessary for him to stop playing the piano at any time. I don't want to think what could have happened to me if I had not gone to his consultation. I am very grateful to him for having helped me, as well for your time and good treatment. "

Alejandro Arango de Arriba, pianist (Gran Canaria).

"Thank you for giving me back the illusion of playing without pain, because before meeting you, no one managed to give me the proper treatment, going through almost ten different medical specialists. A very strong hug."

Christiane Meyer (Germany), pianist  and piano teacher in Zürich, Switzerland.

"As of December 2015, all of a sudden I could not play anymore, both my arms suffered swelling in both elbows, my hands were shaking unconsciously, I was unable to even hold a glass of water or bear the weight of a bag. This completely new feeling to me. it invaded and influenced in such a way that it radically affected both my personal and professional life. I immediately began a long and desperate search to find a solution and cure to my problem.

I went from consultation to consultation and from doctor to doctor, realizing that none of these professionals had  the slightest idea of what was the origin of my problem as well as they have not been able to understand the severity and repercussion  what this state supposed in my profession.

I was diagnosed with: epicondylitis (tennis elbow AND golfer's elbow) and tendonitis in both arms. They offered me all kinds of conventional treatments such as: anti-inflammatory drugs, creams of all kinds, cortisone injections, recommendations to go to surgery ... methods that were "fast and effective" for them. Due to my injury, I had to interrupt my final exam for my piano Master, in turn I lost my job at the conservatory and I had to struggle with serious and permanent pain to get a new job, being only able to play half an hour irregularly.

After six months I did not get any physical improvement. My arms kept swelling and the pain was constant and excruciating. 

Desperate to find a solution, I decided to follow a recommendation from a former student of Dr. Tomás Martín, as an expert therapist in injuries that affect musicians. The reaction of  Dr. Martín was immediate, and we began a six-week treatment. He opened my eyes already in the first consultation and made me aware of the size and severity that the injuries had caused me. But it gave me hope and confidence that helped me evolve and advance the process.  His diagnosis was consistent with that of other doctors, expanding even on various unknown points to be treated. After nine intense consultations of three hours each, I can say that he became the best help that I could imagine at that time.  My time at Dr. Martín's office required treatment for multiple and diverse chronic injuries, apart from getting involved with his philosophy, advice, and prevention of future injuries. I treated with him chronic injuries in both arms, forearms, hands, pectorals and shoulders, even having an "exemplary" position at the piano in the opinion of the  Dr. Martin.  I warmly thank Tomás for his experience with our profession, for opening my eyes,  for his work so  intense and in an exemplary way, and for rehabilitating muscular injuries that not even I knew I had during a long indeterminate period.  I am after your consultation in a period of rehabilitation. I still cannot say that I am completely healed due to my severe injury, but without Tomás, I would be confronted even with my own profession. "

Martín Mucki-Piano teacher at the Ribadeo School of Music

"I am 47 years old and had suffered a year and a half with pain in my right forearm and loss of strength and mobility in the third and fourth fingers of my right hand. Two physiotherapists treated me but they did not achieve the results I expected, (one of they went once a week for 6 months.) During this time I stopped playing for at least three months to theoretically facilitate my recovery, but when I started playing the problems were still there.

In May of this year I went to the consultation with Tomás and with a treatment of three sessions of two hours and a fourth of only one hour he told me that he was ready to start playing. Now three months later, about to give a concert, I have no pain in my arm and I have regained strength in fingers 3 and 4. I do his warm-up and stretching exercises daily and I try to follow the corrections he made about my bad posture when sitting and maintaining a correct hand position, in order not to suffer future injuries.  I appreciate as a patient his honesty, commitment and treatment, taking this opportunity to sincerely recommend him. Thank you very much Tomás. "

Rubén Castello-accompanist pianist at the Conservatorio Superior de Castilla y León

"I had practically a year without being able to play the piano until I went to the consultation of Dr. Tomás Martín. So many years of study without taking care of the posture when playing, without doing warm-ups or stretching, not letting the body rest so that it can repair the efforts made ... Sooner or later it takes its toll, in my specific case it has caused me injuries to my spine and muscle and tendon problems both in the forearms, neck, back, etc. There came a point where I couldn't even lead a normal life. I no longer refer to pain when playing, but simply sitting down was an ordeal. After the treatment my quality of life has improved drastically and I am back to practicing. And of course, it has provided me with very useful information to try that This will not happen to me again Thank you Tomás.

Juan Luis Cejudo Pianist-Madrid

“My name is Juan Luis Cejudo and I have played the piano since I was 9 years old; I am now 17. I have won several competitions at the national level but there came a time when my neck and back pain prevented me from rehearsing. I did not sit at the piano for 9 months and could not lead a normal life due to constant trapezius and cervical discomfort. I visited several orthopedists and physical therapists but none of their treatments ever healed me. Thanks to the recovery techniques of Tomás Martín, my already chronic injuries began to subside and today I can say that I am completely healed; I have returned to playing the piano for four hours a day and training regularly in the gym, continuing my professional music career and a normal life. A word of advice: before leaving the degree as I was about to do, talk to him and tell him about your problem, you will have to make an effort and work but the result in my case has been satisfactory and it has been worth it. If you want to contact me and have me explain it personally, my phone number is 630751209.

Antonio Box. Pianist (Guadalajara)

I am 27 years old and I have suffered from muscle aches since I was 15. It all started in the fourth grade, preparing me for a contest. At first they were pain in very localized areas of the forearms and back but over the years the areas of pain spread. In fourth or fifth grade I had already lost all hope of recovering and I finished the grade to close the cycle. The last years were a real hell from a physical and psychological point of view (anxiety disorders, depression). When I was 21 years old, when I finished the conservatory, I was so injured that despite playing really little I got worse and worse, dragging a tremendous frustration for having injured myself and for not having managed to improve despite having tried everything with a titanic will. It wasn't just that I couldn't play anymore: I was totally limited in my daily life. Throughout all those years I followed all kinds of treatments without success. Some were worthless and with others I was pulling. Many were harmless, a couple of them disastrous (botulinum toxin, surgery). But I was never understood as a musician. 

When I went to Tomás I did not think of recovering completely and starting to play Chopin's studies. But if I expected to improve in my damaged areas and receive the necessary guidelines to be able to start a return to the piano, as it has been. Currently I feel quite physically repaired although still very weak and atrophied. Having improved on the physical plane and knowing that at a certain moment I can go back to Tomás gives me confidence. Now my work will consist of exercising my arms very little by little and eliminating the piano-pain association and turning the page to the past. Tomás has helped me and has been very clear and sincere with me for which I am truly grateful.

Mikel Isaba. Pianist (Pamplona)

I am 29 years old and I began to have problems in my arms when I was 22, when I was studying the Superior Degree of piano. The lack of information about muscle preparation and the minimal necessary care led me to suffer several episodes of tendonitis in the elbows, until it reached a point where the problem became chronic. The last four years I have spent going from one physical therapy consultation to another and undergoing different rehabilitation treatments without being able to recover. All the professionals I have gone through were confident that I would recover with their methods, but every time I sat at the piano my sensations were the same: punctures at different points of the forearms and a pain that was annoying enough to know that he had to be very careful. In this time the worst has been the uncertainty of knowing whether or not I was progressing, and what I really should do and / or avoid to achieve improvement. After having tried everything in my power, reducing my activity on the instrument to a minimum and then suppressing it completely when I took my leave, I found that this did not have a real effect on the state of my arms, which resented again as soon as I got sick. he sat, as smoothly as he could, at the piano. It was then that I heard about Dr. Tomás Martín and I decided to go to his office. During my treatment, the information received about muscle and tendon problems and their treatment has been almost as valuable as the palpable feeling that each session had a positive effect on the condition of my arms. 

With the knowledge that I now have on the subject, and having gone through this very complicated experience, I would like to advise anyone who has this problem to go directly to Dr. Martín's office and not waste their time, money and health on physiotherapists or osteopaths who can be very competent but are generally unaware of the muscular problems associated with musical performance.  Of course you can / should also go to any other specialist in musicians, if you are lucky enough to find him. What I would like to make clear is that some professionals simply know practically nothing about strain or overuse injuries, and that if someone claims that it can be solved with just massage, naturopathy, or in a single session (such as a doctor of Madrid to which I went repeatedly) should not make the mistake of taking him seriously. I insist on the seriousness of the problem because, although I have improved a lot, I still cannot play with the intensity that I would like. That is why I recommend looking for a remedy as soon as possible. When pain is experienced for several days in a row when playing the instrument, the activity should be stopped completely, allowing muscles and tendons to recover. If the pain is present for more than 20 days, the disorder becomes chronic and it is impossible to cure it through rest, requiring therapy. Of course, before reaching the extreme of the injury, it is very important to carry out a training plan that includes warming up before playing, stretching at the end and not subjecting the body to a greater effort than it is capable of supporting. I hope that my experience will help some musicians to avoid this problem that has given me so many headaches, and from here I reiterate my thanks to Dr. Martín for his kindness and good treatment. Health for all.

Álvaro Rubén García Arroyo Piano teacher at the Professional Conservatory of Valladolid

"I am a piano teacher (of those who study daily) and for more than 10 years I have been suffering from various ailments, such as tendinitis, epicondylitis, (and here you can add those that you have in my history, without forgetting the trapezius). .. Logically in this period of time I have visited numerous physiotherapists, osteopaths and others, without being able to completely and definitively overcome these problems. My experiences have been diverse, some treatments have been better for me, others worse, and in some cases they have been A joke. I went to Tomás a bit like the patient who goes to Lourdes after trying everything. I still have more or less the same problems, I will not say otherwise, but I do believe that of all the people I have visited , Tomás is the one who has helped me the most. At least you see the results in a short space of time and you improve your physical form in general, as soon as you do your part. And I know that if I paid more attention to him it would surely be even better. , but ac arne is weak. At least for me it is clear who I have to go to when tendinitis prevents you from studying or doing almost anything else. For that I am truly very grateful to you, Tomás.

Julia Elisa Franco Vidal Piano teacher at the Astorga Conservatory (León)

“I met Tomás Martín in one of these courses that he has given to conservatory teachers five years ago. I remember perfectly that he felt my forearm and yes, it hurt, but I thought it was normal and that he was exaggerating a bit with his statistics of musicians with injuries. Four years later my son Román was born and, as he grew older, my hands and arms felt more and more resentful of carrying his weight, until a moment came when I could no longer even hold a cup of coffee. All this accompanied by many hours of rehearsals and study until the very day I decided to stop. I went to Tomás because I no longer knew what to do and because, suddenly, I remembered him, his course. I spent several months going to his office to repair my forearms and my hands, which, with the treatment, became worse until, one fine day, and as he constantly told me, I began to improve. And I keep improving. It is fortunate for musicians to have someone like this who not only repairs us, but also teaches us to repair ourselves and, more importantly, to avoid future injuries. This performance is like a real sport, the warm-up is vital and the general physical form as well. I no longer dare to study without warming up and I am responsible when I detect muscle fatigue, as continuing would lead me to the same dead end. I hope that some of this remains with my students, some of whom, despite their youth, already have injuries. Thank you for that vocation, Tomás, and for your dedication ”.

Irene Alfageme Borge. Accompanying pianist at the Escuela Superior de Canto de Madrid

"I met Dr. Martín when he was still a student at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Salamanca through the Ergonomics and Injury Prevention course in Musicians. In that same period I had muscular problems in my back that did not allow me to play the piano without pain. He helped me to solve these problems and also to know how to prevent them in the future, being aware of the great muscular effort that musicians make when we study or play in public, being equivalent to athletes, a fact that is not generally taken into account when not performing or warm-ups or stretching before and after our study or concerts. His treatment and advice have been key to the continuation of my professional career and I will always be grateful. "

Fernando Pariente Arias Professor of piano at the Conservatory of León

"I met Tomás in a CFIE course in Astorga a few years ago, and he seemed very interesting to me. However, as a human being, you always think that the injury is going to touch someone else and you don't expect it to touch you. There are many pianists that they never suffer injuries (because they never touch, of course), but in my case I had four months with an epicondylitis that had made me bitter. I had already infiltrated and before putting on the Growth Factor, I happened to remember Tomás, and In five sessions he has been able to make my pain disappear and improve the entire brachial apparatus. I thank him very much for his specialization in a subject so little considered in our country, and his treatment as a person. I think he deserves recognition for a work that affects us to all the musicians. "

Mª José Belio Piano teacher at the Professional Conservatory of Music of Salamanca

"I contacted Tomás Martín as a therapist, through the more than favorable references that fellow musicians sent me.  In a few sessions, it solved my problem of epicondylitis and epitrocleitis triggered by sports practice, in an arm that suffered from the overexertion of years of study. Today I do not sit at the piano without dedicating a few minutes to the, for me, essential warm-up exercises that Tomás gave me and without forgetting the stretching after practice ".

Samuel Tirado Villaescusa Piano student at the Professional Conservatory of Alcázar de San Juan (Cuenca)

"I had almost 2 years with pain in my forearms when playing the piano and when performing some daily actions, I went to several conventional physiotherapists, doctors and traumatologists but I could not solve my problem; so I got in touch with Tomás Martín, the which I got to know through his website. He diagnosed me with tendinitis in various points of both arms and contractures in the back. After a month of treatment the pain disappeared and I can go back to practicing the piano without them. He also gave me all kinds of advice and clarified many of my doubts. Sincerely, thank you very much! "

Ramón García Lara (Navarra) Senior Jazz piano student, graduate in classical piano and chamber, architect.

"My discomfort manifested itself approximately 1 year ago, in my right elbow, after suffering a small overload on my forearm at the beginning of the course, playing the piano. I had never had problems with tendonitis, or anything similar and after visiting the physiotherapist, the discomfort disappeared. But after months it returned again, becoming painful around June, and going from bothering me when working and studying, to bothering me at any time of the day. After several frustrated visits to the physiotherapist, I was diagnosed with mild epicondylitis, and treated by social security. The injury seems to have also been largely motivated by the work I usually do as an architect drawing with a mouse. The medical treatment had little effect, although it stabilized the pain somewhat, but finally, and after discovering the testimonies from other musicians on the Tomás website, I decided to be treated by him. In four sessions he resolved my injury and provided me with a great deal of information. training on how and when to warm up, stretch and rest correctly and effectively. To this day the discomfort has almost disappeared and I have incorporated all the exercises and routines that Tomás gave me. It is a pity that all this information is not passed through the conservatories to all students. Hopefully this situation changes progressively and injuries to musicians are no longer taboo. Thank you so much for everything."

"I am 32 years old, and I have been suffering from severe muscle pain in the cervical area and in my elbows since I was 25 years old. For 5 or 6 years these problems have practically kept me away from the piano. In all this time I have made a pilgrimage from one place to another. Going to supposed specialists in musicians' muscle injuries, without finding a solution to my pain. This whole situation began to change the day I found Dr. Martín's website and contacted him. After several sessions going to the consultation,  the improvement experienced has been incredible. I have returned to playing the piano after so many years, and the pain has subsided considerably. For this reason, I recommend going to Dr. Martín's office as soon as muscle problems appear, since his privileged position as a professional therapist and musician makes him the right person to treat this type of ailments. Thank you very much for all your help and good work, Tomás ”.


Luis Fernandez Accompanying pianist teacher at the Seville Dance Conservatory


"Although I am a pianist by profession, my injury manifested itself with DIY, where repetitive movements are also carried out. I rested, hoping that it would leave the same as it came, but it did not disappear completely and my right arm had discomfort when playing the piano. I had never had problems with my arms and I was scared to see myself so limited. When I shared my anguish with my colleagues from the conservatory I realized that many of them had already gone through similar problems and all mentioned Tomás Martín as a specialist in Musicians Injuries . Contact him and in two sessions I recover the performance of my arm and also he will advise me how to prevent them in the future, and this is also important. What can I say ... Any musician who has suffered a disease of this type knows that when they cure you , the anguish disappears and only immense gratitude remains. How lucky that there are people like this to cure these things ... "


Alberto Rodríguez Complementary piano teacher at the Superior Conservatory of Music in Salamanca


"Although I have always played the piano I never felt pain in my arms until a fall left my right arm handicapped. I had paralyzing discomfort for several months, and from so much rest that I did my elbow weakened manifesting a very acute pain due to overexertion in the at which point I returned to playing the piano and harpsichord. That was until Tomás Martín's services were recommended to me and I tried my luck. The result after a few sessions was a speedy recovery of my forearm, an improvement in my chronic cervical problems and a substantial reduction of the intermittent punctures that I felt in my elbow, which ended up almost completely disappearing thanks to the new habits that he recommended. I do not know if his treatment is valid for any type of muscle injury, but I am convinced that most of the problems of the musicians for extreme or inappropriate practices will find their solution in it ".


Marcos Ortiz Clave Student at the Superior Conservatory of Music of Madrid

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