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What does the treatment consist of?

Dr. Martín, through his research, has come to the conclusion that many of the repetitive overexertion pathologies suffered by professional musicians throughout their careers are exactly the same as those developed by elite athletes. So: why in most cases musicians suffer these injuries for a long period of time while in athletes recovery is very fast?

The key to the success of the treatment proposed by Dr. Martín consists in considering the musician as an elite athlete and using the same therapies used in sports medicine, adapted to musicians, in his recovery.

This procedure consists of:

1. A  combination of soft tissue treatment therapies: therapeutic massage, deep transverse "Cyriax" massage, myofascial release techniques (Trigger Points).

2. Osteopathy.

3. Cryotherapy.

As an integral part of the treatment in the re-adaptation process upon return to the instrument, a corrective method is proposed with special emphasis on postural hygiene and proper training planning (warm-up exercises, rest periods, study duration and cool-down exercises). specifically designed for musicians.


Pathologies that can be cured with the treatment of Dr. Martín


All those related to the musculoskeletal system. Especially injuries related to  soft tissues:

1. Repetitive Overexertion Injuries (RSI): tendinitis, tenosynovitis, Dequervain's stenosing tenosynovitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, epicondylitis (tennis elbow) and epitrocleitis (golfer's elbow).

2. Injuries related to tension and position: contractures, neck pain, brachial pain, back pain and low back pain.


All musicians can perform this treatment


Regardless of the instrument (string, wind and percussion) or the style of music (classical, jazz, rock, folk), all musicians suffer from the same type of musculoskeletal pathologies related to performance.


  Achievements of Dr. Martín's treatment


Most musicians who suffer musculoskeletal disorders throughout their careers need a long recovery period to return to normal activity and may never even fully recover, as a large number of them have not been correctly diagnosed .  With this treatment, based on the application of manual therapies, postural re-education and healthy habits on their instrument, a high percentage of musicians are achieved who recover completely, regardless of the time they have been injured, without using drugs.


Treatment duration


The approximate duration for recovery in soft tissue injuries (tendonitis, epicondylitis, etc.) is an average of 40 days and between 4-6 sessions.  In the group of musicians of Castilla y León, which we study as part of  our  thesis  

doctoral and who suffered lateral epicondylitis, on a sample made up of 70 patients (representing the highest number of papers published on  this pathology in musicians) the recovery period was of an average of 33.9 days and 4.2 sessions, evidencing the suitability of the treatment, opening new lines of research that could be applied to other groups.



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